To ensure the integrity of the financial sector, the law requires financial institutions to have adequate policies in place to ensure the integrity of its operations. Without a Systematic Integrity Risk Analysis (SIRA), an institution cannot properly comply with integrity legislation. Our compliance software Ruler can help you with this.

Performing a SIRA with the help of Ruler

Performing a SIRA becomes a lot easier with Ruler. Ruler provides insight into your organization’s legal framework and offers an overview of the standards set for your organization. Once you have gained insight into the relevant laws and regulations, you can easily make a risk analysis for each theme and subject.

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Important points of attention

Important starting points for the proper execution of the SIRA are your organizational structure and risk profile (including risk appetite). These are guiding principles for performing the risk analyses and qualifying the results.

In addition, it is important that the SIRA is kept up to date. This means that, in principle, you have to go through the inventory, analysis and the (testing of the effectiveness of the) controls annually. We can assist you in updating risk scenarios and further updating your SIRA.