AVG/GDPR Awareness

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Does the knowledge in your organization about the privacy law need an update? The AVG/GDPR Awareness e-learning from The Ministry of Compliance will help you do just that.

For whom?

The AVG/GDPR e-learning is suitable for all professionals whose job involves the processing of personal data and the application of privacy rules within their organization.

Understanding the privacy law

The e-learning offers insight into the AVG/GDPR and provides a clear overview of the privacy rules that you, as an organization, must comply with. In addition, the course material offers practical tools which the student can use in a practical situation to learn to deal with personal data, data breaches and the rights of those involved.

More about the AVG/GDPR Awareness training

Tailored to your organization

We find it important that our trainings have practical relevance for all participants. If you need training that addresses the policy and procedures of your organization, you can contact us for customized solutions. We are happy to customize our AVG/GDPR Awareness training so that it is in line with your organization. For more information about the possibilities, please contact our learning specialists.