Managing regulatory change

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As a financial institution, you are faced with an increasing number of new and complex regulations. These regulations not only present significant implementation challenges, but also have a significant impact on your business model. Charco & Dique can help you stay in control, meet the legal requirements and stay ahead of the competition.

The applicability of new legislation is highly dependent on the nature, products and services of your business. We make regulatory change manageable, by using a phased approach.

Phased approach

When new regulations are still in development, we focus on the strategic component. This means we’ll help you identify which new regulations are relevant to you and determine the high-level impact on your business model, products and organisation.

Once regulations are finalised, our focus shifts to operational. In this stage, we can help you with the actual implementation of the regulations. The Regulatory Change module in Ruler offers a foundation for this.


Besides guidance throughout the regulatory change process, you can also opt for a flexible combination of your own resources and input from our specialists. You remain in control and choose the support you need.

The figure above illustrates how we can support you in each stage of the legislative process. In every stage, you have the flexibility to choose which services you need. Our approach is always personal and proactive.

Overview of our services

Regulatory Watchtower

In addition to flexible support, you can opt for guidance throughout the regulatory change process. As a regulatory watchtower, we ensure that you are in control of new laws and regulations, from A to Z, by:

  • Signaling new legislation, providing an overview and determining the applicability to your organisation.
  • Helping you adjust your strategy and implement new regulations within the organisation in a timely manner.
  • Ensuring a transparent audit trail and recording of decisions, so you can clearly demonstrate how legislation has been implemented within the organisation.

Our team

Our Regulatory Change team consists of consultants specialised in financial laws and regulations. The team is complemented by subject matter experts who are immersed in the new regulations and can determine their impact on your business model, products and organisation.

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