Preparation of board members

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Financial organizations applying for a license must have suitable and reliable management and supervisory board members. As part of the license application process, the regulator will assess whether they are proper and fit for the performance of their tasks. We can help you prepare for this process.

Fitness assessment

All persons in charge of day-to-day policy and supervisory board members must be fit for their positions and the tasks that they fulfil. This assessment is carried out by the licensing regulator. Candidates are tested on matters such as knowledge, skills and professional conduct. The regulator looks at competencies, education and work experience, among other things. The assessment takes into account the specific position of a candidate, the complexity and risk profile of the company and the composition of the collective.

Propriety assessment

The propriety of persons in charge of day-to-day policy, supervisory board members and co-policymakers must be beyond doubt. The regulator will assess whether there are any intentions, actions or antecedents that prevent the intended position from being filled. In the propriety assessment, the main focus is on antecedents.

Declaration of no-objection

For certain license categories, shareholders who have an equity or controlling interest of at least 10% must be assessed by DNB. This is because the regulator wants to prevent parties that are not financially sound or not integer, from holding interests in financial companies. Applying for a DNO is complex and time-consuming. Our specialists are familiar with the applicable requirements and can help you to complete the application smoothly.