Drafting and reviewing privacy policy

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Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), organizations that process personal data must take demonstrable measures to protect it. As an organization, you need to draw up a privacy policy, in which you indicate how your organization complies with the GDPR. In doing so, you must take into account the nature, scope, context and purpose of the data processing. Charco & Dique can help you draw up a privacy policy, or do a check on your existing policy. This way, we help you protect your data in a controlled and auditable way.

In addition to the privacy policy, other (policy) documents are required to comply with the AVG as well. We can assist you in drafting or reviewing these documents.

Privacy Statement

A Privacy Statement is a document accessible to customers in which you inform them about what personal data you process and what you do with this personal data. For example, whether or not they are shared with other parties.

Data Processing Register

The Data Processing Register records all the processing of personal data that your organization carries out. Including, among other things, the legal basis for processing and the way in which you protect the data. The processing register helps you demonstrate that you are complying with the GDPR requirements.

Data Processing Agreement

If your organization engages a third party to process personal data, you must have a Data Processing Agreement in place. A Processing Agreement regulates the responsibilities in the processing of personal data. It contains agreements on, among other things, the purpose and duration of the processing, the way in which the personal data is processed and the persons who have access to the personal data.