The Dutch Central Bank requires financial enterprises to have a complete picture of their risks, to take appropriate measures to manage these risks and to make sure that enterprises stay within acceptable limits. While financial legislation is becoming increasingly complex, new demands are imposed on measuring and minimizing risks every day. Surprises are unwelcome, especially if it means not reaching your targets this year or miscalculating continuity risks to your business. Our risk management specialists are always ready to help with their insightful advice, keeping risks manageable and reputations intact.

Insight into prudential legislation and assistance with implementation

Prudential legislation and regulation is becoming increasingly complex. We provide insight into all the relevant norms in a legal framework we keep up-to-date via Ruler, creating a clear overview of all the current and future prudential regulation. Different types of financial enterprises have different risks. We created a specific financial risk framework for every kind of enterprise. This helps you understand exactly which financial norms are applicable for you. We not only help you gain a clear, insightful overview; we are also fully prepared and equipped to assist with implementing new legislation and regulation on time.

Assistance with designing risk policy and Risk Appetite Statement

An important part of your business strategy is the Risk Appetite Statement. This document states to what extent you are prepared to take risks. The basis for devising your risk policy is provided in this statement. We are eager to provide assistance with designing your risk policy and Risk Appetite Statement.

Risk management using the Three lines of defence model

The Three lines of defence model is a systematic approach of tackling risks that may arise within an organization. The first line of this model constitutes functions that own and manage risk. Functions that oversee or specialize in risk management and compliance are contained in the second line, while audit falls under the third line. It’s our pleasure to support you in the proper construction of your governance, keeping the specific needs of your organization and financial legislation and regulation in mind. Establishing risk committees can also be a part of our consultancy.

Setting up the ‘in control’ process

How well is your enterprise capable of controlling risks? Setting up an in control process can provide insight into to this question. What are the most important risks, which measures have been taken to control them and how well did these measures play out? We can examine and review your current processes and set up a new process to help you gain a greater understanding of how well your risks are managed.

Organizing financial risk reports

Financial enterprises are required to provide the prudential regulator with reports at regular intervals. We can help you set up the reporting process and organize various reports and documents, such as:

  • Recovery plan;
  • Reports on the liquidity condition (ILAAP i.a.);
  • Reports on the solvency and financial condition.

Co-sourcing, outsourcing and interim risk management

Don’t have a risk manager? Do you require support for your current risk manager? Or do you have a temporary need for extra capacity? Charco & Dique’s specialists are able to step in and cater to your specific needs. Thanks to our solutions for interim risk management and outsourcing and co-sourcing possibilities, you’re always equipped with the right expertise.

Want to know more?

At Charco & Dique, we not only have detailed knowledge of the ever-changing financial laws and regulations, but we also have the experience to support our clients in their application like no other. Sometimes strategic, sometimes pragmatic, but always sustainable and forward-looking. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us.