Compliance officer training

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A compliance officer performs many different tasks. As a compliance officer, you not only ensure that the organization complies with the legal standards, but you are also concerned with the internal control of compliance risks and the drafting of monitoring plans. Therefore, the expectations a compliance officer has to meet are high. Not only in the field of knowledge, but also in the field of stakeholder management, organizational sensitivity and integrity.

Focus on tasks

In practice, the tasks the compliance officer is responsible for are similar, but the context in which he does his work differs from organization to organization. The background of professionals entering the compliance function is also diverse. During the compliance officer training, which we offer through our training institute The Ministry of Compliance, we therefore take into account the differences in background, experience, knowledge and work environment of our students.

For whom?

The Compliance Officer training is suitable for professionals who currently fulfil or will fulfil the role of Compliance Officer at companies within the financial sector, such as banks, investment firms and institutions, stock market companies, pension funds, trust offices or insurance companies. It is important to have a working environment in which you can carry out the practical assignments of the course.

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Accredited by DSI

Our compliance course is accredited by DSI. This means that the content and examination of the course meets the standards of DSI and provides access to a DSI certification.

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