About us

About us

Your daily proceedings are complex enough as it is. We like to make them a bit simpler.

At Charco & Dique, we not only have detailed knowledge of the ever-changing financial laws and regulations, but we also have the experience to support our clients in their application, uncomplicated and pragmatic.

What that means? We try to fit in with the daily activities of our clients, and to think along with them about the consequences of laws and regulations for their practice. In doing so, we do not use unnecessarily expensive words, we bring clarity to complex matters, and we do not make our advice more complicated than necessary. Read more about our culture below.

Our services


The diversity in our services naturally requires a diversity in colleagues. Our consultants are all experts in their field, yet they are all very different. Because at Charco & Dique we believe in an inclusive culture, where there is room for people of different colors, genders, religions and sexual orientations.

At Charco & Dique, starters work alongside experienced professionals as equals. One has experience as a supervisor, the other as an accountant, lawyer, compliance officer, risk manager or consultant (or as a student). At Charco & Dique, we do not work in fixed teams or departments. For each project, we assemble a team that has the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully complete the assignment. We do not hand out performance bonuses and do not engage in internal competition; we are one team. And our clients benefit from that.

We have no imposed hierarchy. Instead, we encourage our employees to participate in decision-making and to take responsibility. Together, we create a working environment in which everyone feels safe, involved and valued.

Knowledge sharing is the backbone of our organization. It is our conviction that differences in expertise, experiences, backgrounds and insights make us better as individuals and as a collective. In this way, we complement each other and are able to understand and serve our clients even better. There is strength in our differences.

If you have any questions regarding our organizational culture, please contact us.

Our consultants


We understand that it is not easy to keep up with laws and regulations. That is why we developed compliance software Ruler. Ruler helps financial institutions keep up with the ever-changing, increasingly complex financial and laws and regulations.

The legal framework in Ruler provides a structured overview of the laws and regulations relevant to the organization. With the software, you can easily illustrate how the standards are being met. This way, Ruler makes compliance simpler and more transparent.

The Ministry of Compliance

Sharing knowledge is in our DNA. Not only with each other, but also with our clients. That is why we started our own training institute in January 2020. The trainings provided by The Ministry of Compliance, focus on translating laws and regulation to daily practice. As in our advisory work, we try to simplify the often complex (financial) regulations and offer clear, practical tools.

Our employees can also benefit from the expertise of their colleagues through The Ministry’s trainings. Our consultants have access to the full training catalog and can thus share their knowledge with each other. For example, we train our new employees with our ‘Qualified Compliance Officer’ course.