About us

About us

Your daily proceedings are complex enough. We like to make it a bit simpler.

At Charco & Dique we not only have detailed knowledge of the constantly changing financial laws and regulations, but we also have the experience to support our customers in applying them like no other. Sometimes strategic, sometimes pragmatic, but always sustainable and with a long-term vision. Read more about our culture below.

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Our consultants are all experts in their field, yet totally different. Because at Charco & Dique we believe in an inclusive culture, in which there is room for people who differ in color, gender, religion and sexual orientation.

We strive for a working environment in which everyone feels safe, involved and appreciated. Through leadership, clear procedures and open communication we make explicit how we treat each other. We take into account the different needs and possibilities of our employees, so that everyone has the space to express themselves, develop and evolve.

Moreover, we believe that differences in knowledge, experiences, backgrounds and insights make us better as individuals and collectively, so that we are able to better understand and serve our clients. Our people make the difference, precisely because they are different.

If you have any questions about our organizational culture or how we promote it, please contact us.

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Our team consists of specialists with experience as a supervisor, accountant, jurist, compliance officer, risk manager, lawyer and consultant.