Performing a privacy gap analysis

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Since May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force. The Privacy Act strengthens the rights of data subjects and attributes more responsibility to organizations that process personal data. In order to protect this data, they must take demonstrable measures. Are you just starting a new business and are you unsure about where to begin with the implementation of the GDPR? Or do you want to check whether your organization complies with the privacy legislation? Performing a privacy gap analysis will prove useful.

Our approach

During a privacy gap analysis, also known as a ‘privacy baseline measurement’, we map out the extent to which your organization complies with privacy laws and regulations. Then, we examine which steps you still need to take to comply with all the applicable requirements. A privacy gap analysis consists of the following steps:

  • mapping out current policies and procedures;
  • systematically outlining the legal framework and determining which legal requirements your organization needs to comply with;
  • identifying and analyzing the gaps; and
  • creating a plan of action consisting of concrete actions that resolve the gaps.