Conducting recovery actions

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Past performance can lead to a lack of trust from the regulator. Not only in your organization, but also in the directors personally. As a result of inquiries in the sector or on the basis of file audits and incidents, the regulator may declare that your processes are not carried out in accordance with laws and regulations. In this case, rapid and full recovery is expected.

The issues can be very different in nature: from interest rate derivatives to investment insurance, and from recovery advice to repairing Customer Due Diligence files. Resolving these issues requires both knowledge of the content, experience with regulatory dynamics and heavy project management.

Our approach

Charco & Dique specializes in maintaining and restoring the regulator’s trust. Many of our consultants have experience as a regulator. Therefore, we know better than anyone how the supervisory authorities operate and we maintain good contacts with both DNB and AFM.

We help financial organizations to set up, implement and smoothen recovery actions. We analyze the scope of the problem, draw up an action plan and support the implementation of measures to ensure that you once again comply with all laws and regulations. Among other things, we can help you with:

  • Conducting consultations with the supervisor: on your behalf or together with you;
  • Providing a ‘second opinion’ to verify the facts;
  • Performing a Diagnosis or Quick (Reputational) Scan, in which we identify ‘sleeping’ issues so that you can act proactively;
  • Project management;
  • Support with enforcement measures by the regulator;
  • The execution of objection or appeal procedures.