AIFMD Awareness

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Under the AIFMD, investment fund managers require an AIFMD license to manage or market one or more alternative investment funds. But what is the scope of the AIFMD? And what requirements apply?

For whom?

This awareness e-learning is relevant to all professionals who (will) have to meet the legal requirements imposed on alternative investment funds.

Contrary to what the ‘A’ of ‘alternative’ might suggest, the scope of the AIFM Directive is broad. The AIFMD applies to all managers of investment funds that do not qualify as UCITS, unless there is an exemption. It does not matter what they invest in.

Understanding the requirements

This course introduces you to the AIFMD, the directive governing alternative investment institutions. After participating, you will know when a manager of an investment fund requires an AIFMD license and which requirements have to be met to obtain and retain the license.

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