Drafting and reviewing policies and procedures

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A license application cannot be submitted until all of the necessary documents are in order. We can help you prepare the required policies, procedures and, if necessary, work instructions.

Our approach

The first step in the license application process is to qualify your activities. The second step is to put the required documents in order. Through discussions, we gain insight into the manner in which your organization operates. Next, we draft various policy documents and procedures. In doing so, we comply with the regulator’s desire to make the policy documents and procedures as specific as possible for your organization. In doing so, we not only take into account the current situation, but also your future situation.

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Quality assurance

Do you already have policies and procedures in place? Then we help you assess the quality of the existing documents. We do this by reviewing the documents against the laws and regulations that apply to you. If necessary, we will adjust the policy in consultation with you.