Performing compliance risk assessments

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A compliance risk analysis helps you to direct the activities of your compliance function. The results provide insight into the extent to which you comply with laws and regulations and the risks you run in the event of non-compliance. By identifying these risks at an early stage, you are able to take control measures. The compliance risk analysis ensures focus in your compliance agenda and helps you keep your risks manageable.

Our approach

Our compliance specialists can help you perform compliance risk assessments. In doing so, we follow the following steps in a structured manner:

  • determining the legal framework;
  • assessing your specific circumstances;
  • identifying the risks of possible non-compliance with laws and regulations;
  • analyzing the risks (probability and impact)
  • assessing the control measures;
  • depending on your risk appetite, determining additional control measures and follow-up.

The results of the compliance risk analysis are used as input for the activities of the compliance function. Not only for the risk-based monitoring plan, but also, for example, for providing training if the analysis shows that awareness can be improved.