Communicating with the regulator

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As a licensed financial institution you will regularly have to deal with the national supervisory authorities DNB and/or the AFM. In the field of privacy legislation, you will also have to deal with the AP. In order to maintain your good reputation, it is important to properly maintain your relationship with these regulators.

Regulators regularly request information from your organization. A careful response to these requests is important to give the regulator a good image of your organization. If you are confronted with an (unexpected) investigation by the DNB and/or AFM, we can assist you before, during and after the investigation.

Our approach

Charco & Dique specializes in maintaining and restoring the regulator’s trust. Many of our consultants have experience as a regulator. As a result, we know better than anyone how the regulators operate and we maintain good contacts with both DNB and the AFM. We will gladly assist you in maintaining the relationship with your regulator and prepare you for meetings with them.