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Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in business and the financial sector. Financial institutions are expected to participate in making our society more sustainable. The pressure from politics, investors and society has increased significantly in recent years. This has translated into the development of a number of new (draft) Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) laws and regulations.

Many organizations find it difficult to maintain an overview of the rapidly changing sustainability laws and regulations. On top of that, it is challenging to determine in practice how to give substance to ESG-factors. The ESG e-learnings of our training institute, The Ministry of Compliance, can help you with this.

ESG Awareness e-learning

The e-learning provides insight into the latest developments in the ESG field. In the theory, we delve deeper into the role of ESG factors in the financial sector. You will learn what exactly ESG entails, what rules and initiatives there are in the field of ESG and what risks and opportunities ESG offers for the financial world. Based on practical examples, you will learn how financial institutions can implement ESG in practice.

ESG Awareness e-learning

SFDR Awareness e-learning

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) imposes many complex obligations on financial market participants regarding disclosures. What is the difference between Article 8 and 9 products and what does light green and dark green mean? What does PAI stand for? And to what extent can investors trust that the information they receive is accurate?

These questions are addressed in our SFDR Awareness e-learning. Upon completion, you will understand the context in which this regulation was created and be familiar with the requirements that apply to your organization.

SFDR Awareness e-learning

MiFID II and sustainability preferences

Identifying your client’s sustainability preferences. It may sound simple, but in practice it is anything but. Would you like to learn more about the rules regarding sustainability preferences from MiFID II and the consequences for investment advice and asset management? Our e-learning ‘MiFID II and sustainability preferences’ will guide you through the requirements and the application in practice.

E-learning MiFID II and sustainability preferences

Tailored to your organization

We find it important that our trainings have practical relevance for all participants. If you need training that addresses the policy and procedures of your organization, you can contact us for customized solutions. We are happy to customize our ESG trainings so that the content is in line with your organization. For more information about the possibilities, please contact our learning specialists.