Compliance monitoring

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Compliance monitoring involves continuously assessing whether your business activities (still) meet the set standards, and whether your control measures and compliance policy are having the desired effect.

Could you use some support in monitoring your compliance? Our specialists can help you with compliance monitoring or with drawing up a monitoring plan.

Our approach

In order to demonstrate that you are continuously meeting the standards that apply to you, we work with you to draw up a monitoring plan. This plan is baed on the laws and regulations that apply to your organization and a risk assessment. For this we use compliance software Ruler.

The risk-based monitoring plan shows that you periodically assess all relevant issues. The frequency of the assessment depends on the risks that have been identified. In this way, we ensure that the subjects or developments that can lead to the greatest risks for your organization receive the necessary attention. And that you can clearly demonstrate your compliance with laws and regulations.

If the monitoring indicates that improvement is possible or necessary, we can help you draw up an action plan to implement the necessary changes.