Legal framework

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We understand that keeping up with laws and regulations is not easy. That is why we developed compliance software Ruler. Ruler offers a solution for the modern professional, responsible for complying with ever-changing, increasingly complex (financial) laws and regulations.

Insight into relevant laws and regulations

Ruler’s legal framework provides a structured overview of the laws and regulations relevant to your organization. In the legal framework you find all of the standards applicable to your organization, logically divided into themes and topics. Because the legal framework is defined per ‘profile’ (for example: bank, investment institution, pension administrator, etc.) you only see those laws and regulations that are relevant to your organization.

Ruler is primarily focused on international and national financial laws and regulations. In addition to following the formal sources of law, we also follow the news from, among others:

  • (inter)national regulators, such as DNB, AFM, ESMA and EIOPA;
  • court rulings, Kifid;
  • trade associations (NVB, Association of Insurers, etc.); and
  • internet consultations.

Non-financial laws and regulations

In addition to financial laws and regulations, it is also possible to use Ruler to keep track of the other laws and regulations your organization has to comply with. To this end, you can use the following optional modules:

  • fiscal;
  • HR (social security, labour & participation and pension);
  • legal doctrines;
  • legal procedures;
  • reporting;
  • housing market.

Keeping up with developments

Ruler sends you alerts about important developments that are relevant to your organization. These may be upcoming changes in legislation, but also information that affects the standards you are already required to meet. This makes it easy to stay in control of regulatory changes.

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