Financial World in a Nutshell

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Is the world of finance new to you, or do you have employees making the transition from another sector? Our ‘Financial World in a Nutshell’ e-learning introduces you to the financial sector.

For whom?

The Financial World in a Nutshell e-learning is developed for all professionals who are new to the financial sector or who are making the transition to another part of the sector. If you want to know how your function fits into the whole, or if you want to gain more general knowledge of the sector from your specialty, this e-learning is suitable for you too.

Introduction to the world of finance

Companies that operate in the financial services industry enable the transfer of wealth, through payment and lending, among other things. They also offer products and services that allow you to hedge or take on risk. What financial products, instruments and services exist? Which laws and regulations must financial institutions comply with? And how is the supervision of these institutions organized? After completing this e-learning you will be able to answer all these questions.

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Tailored to your organization

We believe it is important that our courses have practical relevance for all participants. We are happy to customize this e-learning for you, for example by adapting the content to a certain type of financial institution. For more information on the possibilities, please contact our learning specialists.