Tax Integrity Awareness

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Since the publication of the so-called ‘Panama Papers’ in 2015, there has been an increasing focus on tax integrity. But what does tax integrity or fair tax behavior mean? And who determines what is fair? The legislator, the media, the regulator, politics, the citizen, the company you work for or you? And what does fair taxation mean in relation to your customer service? Our Tax Integrity Awareness e-learning provides answers to these questions.

For whom?

The Tax Integrity Awareness training is suitable for all professionals working at financial institutions who may encounter issues of tax integrity in their jobs.

Developments in the field of tax integrity

The e-learning offers insight into the legal and social developments in the field of tax integrity. We pay attention to the differences between tax evasion, tax avoidance and tax optimization. You will learn about the expectations of regulators in this area, and what international (legislative) initiatives there are to prevent tax avoidance.

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Tailored to your organization

We find it important that our trainings have practical relevance for all participants. If you need training that addresses the policy and procedures of your organization, you can contact us for customized solutions. We are happy to customize our Tax Integrity e-learning so that the content is in line with your organization. For more information about the possibilities, please contact our learning specialists.