Qualification of your services

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As a financial organization in the Netherlands, you are in many cases required to have a license from one of the regulatory authorities. Applying for such a license is quite complicated and requires thorough preparation. First of all, you must determine whether a license is required for the activities you perform or wish to perform. Then you must determine whether the permit must be applied for at the AFM or DNB. We can help you with this.

Our approach

In consultation with you, we determine whether – and if so, for which services – a license must be applied for. Based on the available information, supplemented by one or more interviews, we gain an insight into your activities and the way in which processes are designed.

Then we determine which regulations apply to the specific licensing category and what the legal requirements are for qualifying for the necessary license. This is followed by the compilation of an application file. It is important that you have a fully organized application file and policy documents and procedures that meet the regulator’s requirements. We can assist you with this, by drafting these documents and procedures together with you, or by assessing your current documents and procedures. In doing so, we take into account not only the current situation, but also the future situation of your organization. We will also advise you on any desirable changes in your organizational structure or governance to (further) increase the likelihood of a successful grant of the license.