On 1 January 2020, Charco & Dique launched its own training institute. Under the name The Ministry of Compliance, a range of courses and trainings is offered. Initially only online, but eventually also in-class.

The Ministry of Compliance

Charco & Dique has been keeping track of the laws and regulations for financial organizations in compliance tool Ruler for many years. In addition, we regularly give in-class trainings in which we focus on transferring skills and making laws and regulations applicable. In The Ministry of Compliance this knowledge of laws and regulations is complemented with the practical expertise of (external) experts. In this way we create educational courses that are relevant to our participants.

Laws and regulations translated into daily practice

The Ministry of Compliance is for (finance) professionals who want to keep their professional knowledge up-to-date and who want to stay informed about laws and regulations. We translate rules into practical tools and help you to easily meet the legal training requirements. You can follow our courses wherever and whenever it suits you, in an attractive online learning environment. Because learning should be fun. Even if it is compulsory.

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