Cyber Security Awareness

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The cyber security within your organization depends primarily on your employees. It is therefore important to strengthen the so-called ‘human firewall’. The Cyber Security training of our training institute, The Ministry of Compliance, can help you do this.

For whom?

Cyber Security training is a must for all employees. Whether they deal with confidential information or not, everyone runs the risk of coming into contact with phishing emails or other forms of fraud. Cyber Security training helps employees recognize these types of cyber attacks and act correctly.

Cyber security training

Our Cyber Security training helps your employees become more aware of the risks of cybercrime. Practical examples are used to illustrate how cybercriminals operate and how to recognize and prevent different types of cyber attacks. The e-learning takes between one and two hours to complete, whenever and wherever it suits you.

More about the Cyber Security Awareness training

Tailored to your organization

We find it important that our trainings have practical relevance for all participants. If you need training that addresses the policy and procedures of your organization, you can contact us for customized solutions. We are happy to customize our Cyber Security training so that the content is in line with your organization. For more information about the possibilities, please contact our learning specialists.