External risk manager

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As an organization, a structured approach to risk management enables you to achieve your strategy and goals. It helps you to seize opportunities, control risks and prevent surprises. However, the required knowledge and capacity are not always available. The deployment of an external risk manager can offer a solution.

What to expect from an external risk manager?

Our experienced specialists fill the position of risk manager independently, proportionally and effectively. Depending on your ambitions, the size, structure and complexity of your organization, the deployment of the external risk manager is tailored to your needs. We work closely with our clients. Our approach is always personal and proactive.

Our risk managers can support you with:

  • creating the risk culture within your company;
  • drawing up and implementing your risk strategy and policy, including risk appetite;
  • the independent design of your risk management function;
  • the integral control of all relevant risks.

Our risk managers

Our experienced risk managers are up to date with the developments in your sector. They are pragmatic, hands-on and have a broad background in both private and (semi)public organizations. They can therefore support you at every level and are able to create value for your organization in a short period of time.