Performing risk analyses and risk monitoring

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To achieve your objectives it is important to be aware of risks. A good risk analysis is essential for this. It gives you insight into the nature and extent of the risks and the choices you can make regarding the degree of control. Your organization’s risk appetite plays an important role here.

Risk analysis

To prepare for the risk analysis, we discuss with you the methodologies and approach to be used. The core of our approach is to make optimal use of the knowledge present within the organization. Our added value is to provide structure, a fresh look and to make connections between the risks that have been assigned to the various departments. In addition to insight into the nature and extent of the risks, a good risk analysis results in a broad consensus on the risks that should be prioritized.

Risk monitoring

The environment in which your organization operates is constantly changing and your organization is adapting to it. As a result, the risks that your organization faces also change. New risks are added, risks are mitigated and the impact of risks on your organization can change. It is therefore important to continue to monitor your risks.

A practical dashboard offers a solution. By means of this dashboard you will periodically report internally and/or externally on the development of the most important risks and the implementation of the improvement measures to achieve better control of the risks.

Practical dashboard

We support your organization in setting up a practical dashboard. This could be a dashboard that focuses on the most important strategic risks. Or a dashboard that matches the desired level of detail of the target group.

In addition, we try to fit in as much as possible with the internal and external reporting cycle of your organization, together we map out:

  • who should contribute to the risk dashboard;
  • what information is already available and/or should become available;
  • what requirements stakeholders have; and
  • how often reporting is required.