Implementing recovery programs

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If you are required by the regulator to initiate a recovery or improvement process, this will demand a great deal from your organization. The reason can be very diverse. The remedial actions to be taken therefore also vary widely. This can vary from adjusting procedures, processes, the governance structure or even realizing a culture change. What these different remedial actions have in common, is that they are almost always imply drastic changes in the organization.

Our approach

We specialize in maintaining and restoring the regulator’s confidence. Many of our consultants have experience as regulator. As a result, we know better than anyone how regulators operate and we maintain good contacts with them. We can be of service to you in the financial sector as well as in the (semi)public sector.

We provide support in setting up, implementing and moving forward remediation and improvement activities. We analyze the nature and extent of the problem, draw up a plan of action and support the implementation of measures.