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Charco & Dique is the undisputed specialist in the field of (inter)national financial laws and regulations. We help you remain compliant and maintain your reputation.


Managing regulatory change


Fighting financial crime

Obtaining regulatory license

Communicating with the regulator

Complying with duty of care

Complying with privacy legislation

Managing risks


Software & Learning

Always in control with our software and learning

As a an organization, you want to know which standards you must comply with. Our software and learning keep you up to date with the laws and regulations that apply to your specific situation. This way you are always in control.

Ruler compliance software

Ruler shows to what extent you comply with the laws and regulations relevant to your organization. With Ruler, you are always in control of regulatory change.

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The Ministry of Compliance

The Ministry of Compliance keeps your professional knowledge up to date. The courses translate laws and regulations into practical tools.

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Our team consists of specialists with experience as a regulator, accountant, lawyer, compliance officer, risk manager and consultant.

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Charco & Dique is now Projective Group.

And with a new name comes a new website. That's why we've moved. Read more about our end-to-end financial services consultancy at

You already know us as the undisputed specialist in financial laws and regulations. Now we continue as a leading end-to-end financial services consultancy, taking the burden off your shoulders with our six focus areas: Data, Payments, Pensions & Insurance, Risk & Compliance, Talent and Transformation.

No more separate labels like Charco & Dique, Enigma Consulting, Finance Club, Mastermind Consulting and Projective Netherlands, but joining forces under one strong brand: Projective Group.