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The pressure on financial institutions to reduce the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing is increasing. Not only society, but also the supervisory authorities are placing increasing emphasis on compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act (Wwft). As an employee or day-to-day policymaker of a financial institution you must therefore be familiar with the provisions of the Wwft. To this end, you should periodically follow a Wwft training.

Via our training institute, The Ministry of Compliance, we offer various Wwft trainings.

Wwft Awareness

Our online Wwft Awareness training teaches you what the Wwft and Sanctions Act mean and which responsibilities financial companies have in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. Through practical examples, you will learn about the financial sector as gatekeeper, customer due diligence and monitoring during the business relationship.

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Sanctions Regulation Awareness

Financial institutions may not facilitate payments to and from accounts of sanctioned parties, nor may they provide them with financial services. This means, among other things: blocking the accounts of these parties.

In the Netherlands, these obligations are laid down in the Sanctions Regulation. Our Sanctions Regulation Awareness e-learning brings you up to speed on the requirements that the Sanctions Regulation imposes on financial institutions and their employees.

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FEC Awareness

Our Financial Economic Crime (FEC) Awareness e-learning teaches you to recognize and fight various forms of financial-economic crime in practice.

FEC Awareness e-learning

Customer Investigation

To conduct a thorough customer investigation, a certain amount of knowledge of the legal requirements and regulations is important. But a customer investigation is sometimes detective work and requires a good dose of analytical skills. How do you analyze and assess the information you have about a customer? How do you reach conclusions? And not unimportantly, how do you record these conclusions?

During the Wwft Customer Investigation in-depth training, you will go through the steps of client investigation in a practical way: analyzing, assessing, concluding and recording.

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Transaction Monitoring

The proper implementation of transaction monitoring also requires knowledge of the provisions of the Wwft. During the training Wwft Transaction Monitoring you learn which legal requirements your transaction monitoring process must meet, and you can practice with the skills you need for effective transaction monitoring.

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Tailored to your organization

We find it important that our trainings have practical relevance for all participants. If you need training that addresses the policy and procedures of your organization, you can contact us for customized solutions. We are happy to customize our Wwft trainings so that the content is in line with your organization. For more information about the possibilities, please contact our learning specialists.