Preparation of board members

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As a (prospective) director of a financial institution you have to meet strict requirements in regards to knowledge and skills. We can help you by identifying your knowledge gaps and formulating your training objectives. After that, we can help you meet these objectives by putting together a personalized training program for you.

Demonstrable study results

Our learning consultants specialize in putting together personalized programs that prepare prospective directors for their positions. For example, the programs may consist of a combination of e-learning and one-on-one sessions. These can take place either online or in-class. We pay special attention to the recording of your study results, so that they are clearly demonstrable towards the regulator.

Tailor-made programs

Putting together a training program for (prospective) directors is a matter of customization. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact our learning specialists without any obligations.