Complying with ESG laws and regulations

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Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in business. The pressure to take Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)-factors into account has increased significantly in recent years, because of high expectations from politics, investors and society. This has translated into the development of many new laws and regulations on sustainability. Therefore, it is high time to take action. Not only if you offer ‘sustainable’ products or services, but also if you are not focusing on sustainability (yet). Because even if you do not offer any sustainable services, you must comply with aspects of the ESG laws and regulations.

However, the implementation of ESG regulations can be complex. Some of the new rules are not final yet, and the different legislative paths do not connect seamlessly.

Moreover, ‘taking ESG factors into account’ can affect various aspects of your business operations. For example, think of the investment policy, the acceptance of (potential) clients, risk management and the provision of information to clients. Charco & Dique will be happy to help you facilitate the implementation of (future) ESG regulations.

How we can help

Our specialists keep up with the developments in ESG regulations closely, and have experience with their implementation. They can support you with:

  • Advising on ESG regulations (e.g. scope and interpretation issues);
  • Determining the impact of future ESG regulations on your organization (impact analysis);
  • Making strategic choices regarding ESG regulation;
  • Performing gap analyses on ESG, both for formal ESG regulations (e.g., SFDR, Taxonomy Regulation) and for your organization’s voluntary commitments (e.g., IMVB, UNPRI, TCFD).
  • Identifying, prioritizing and/or executing implementation actions;
  • Performing quality assurance on implementation activities performed by your organization; and
  • Assisting in the preparation of your non-financial reporting.