Personal details
Personal details

Eric de Vries

+31 (0)20 416 54 03

+31 (0)6 55 46 66 33


AFM Banking Compliance Insurers Integrity Mortgages product governance Projectmanager The Ministry of Compliance The Ministry of Compliance Wwft

My expertise lies at the interface of business processes and people within financial institutions.

I like complex challenges, time pressure and extensive projects. As an experienced professional I can quickly assess issues and situations, especially where IT, Operations and Compliance meet. I see who is needed to achieve the desired result within the set period and I am a creative thinker in the route to this result. I keep the stakeholders (and if needed the regulator) involved. I give people responsibility, guide them and work together towards the goals set within the frameworks of the law and regulations.

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Projects & performances

  • Leading Customer Due Diligence recovery program real estate bank
  • Recovery project for a consumer lender: inadequate duty of care
  • Implement new privacy legislation (AVG) for multiple companies
  • Implement compliance roadmaps
  • Design and implement closed-book strategy for an insurance company
  • Establishment of Product Approval & Review procedures
  • Establishment of central marketing function for international insurer

Work experience

2016-heden Charco & Dique
2015-2016 International Business School
2011- 2015 Nationale Nederlanden Services
2008-2011 ING Insurance Central Europe
2003-2008 RVS
1998-2003 RVS
1995-1998 Nationale-Nederlanden

Education & courses

1982 - 1988 Rijks Universiteit Groningen
1988 .
1988 - 1989 Koninklijke Landmacht
1999 TIAS
2015 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam