Crowdfunding service providers

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Charco & Dique has extensive experience within the financial sector, including with crowdfunding service providers. Our multidisciplinary team continuously monitors financial laws and regulations and is happy to help you meet the legal requirements.

AFM license

On November 10, 2021, the European regulation for Crowdfunding service providers came into force. As a result, crowdfunding platforms must obtain a license from the AFM before 10 November 2022. The licensing will be subject to requirements relating to the following subjects, among others:

  • expertise and reliability of policymakers;
  • prudential requirements;
  • policy on outsourcing;
  • policy on customer complaints.


The application for such a license is quite complex and requires thorough preparation. Licence applications that are complete and of good quality have the best chance of succeeding. Our specialists can help you with the application or extension of a license.

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Demonstrably compliant

But applying for a license is not the only legal requirement for crowdfunding service providers. After obtaining a license, we can help you stay compliant with the regulators’ requirements on an ongoing basis. Our compliance software Ruler provides a legal framework for crowdfunding service providers. The legal framework offers an overview of all laws and regulations relevant to your organization. The Radar keeps you informed of changes. This makes it easy to stay informed about (upcoming) laws and regulations and to stay compliant at all times.

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