Performing a gap analysis

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If your organization is faced with new or amended laws and regulations, it can be difficult to determine if and how your existing policies and procedures need to be adjusted. The same applies when you decide to make adjustments to your products, services or market. You will then need to know whether your intended steps will lead to legally driven adjustments in policy and/or procedures. Charco & Dique can help you with this, by performing a regulatory gap analysis. During a gap analysis, we determine the extent to which your organization complies with certain laws and regulations, and which steps you still need to take to be compliant.

Our approach

A gap analysis consists of the following steps:

  • Map out current policies and procedures;
  • Systematically outline the legal framework and determine which legal requirements your organization needs to meet;
  • Identify and analyze the gaps; and
  • Making concrete recommendations on how to resolve the gaps.