Ruler compliance software

Financial enterprises are confronted with increasingly complex legislation and regulation. Every such enterprise should have a compliance role and compliance instrument in place. This instrument states which regulations employees should adhere to and how compliance with these rules is supervised. Our compliance specialists are eager to assist you. Ensuring that rules are kept and reputations remain intact.


Knowing exactly what legislation and regulation is applicable and what changes in legislation are coming up, are greatly important to any financial enterprise. Ruler will help you anticipate. Ruler is the right choice for financial enterprises that want to stay on top of current legislation and regulation. Read more on what Ruler can do for your organization.


Keeper provides a detailed overview of the differences between current and new norms of certain laws. It will also help you create a consistent project management flow during the complete implementation process. Read more on what Keeper can do for your organization.


Sweaper gives insight into all data breaches and infringements that have occurred in your organization. After an incident has been registered, Sweapers’ algorithm determines the severity of the incident. Sweaper gives you risk-based advice about whether or not to report the data breach. Read more on what Sweaper can do for your organization.


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At Charco & Dique, we not only have detailed knowledge of the ever-changing financial laws and regulations, we also have the experience to support our clients in their application like no other. Sometimes strategic, sometimes pragmatic, but always sustainable and forward-looking. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us.