Complying with convenants

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Sustainability legislation and reporting are developing rapidly. In the coming years, organizations will be faced with increasingly stringent legal requirements in this area. In addition, many organizations are signing up to covenants. These are agreements that often relate to the efforts you are making (or should be making) in the field of corporate social responsibility, and how you account for this as an organization. Covenants are entered into voluntarily or because of an obligation via an industry association.

Signing covenants is a way to distinguish the organization in the market. It offers opportunities, but also means that you have to make an effort to comply with the covenants.

Compliance with covenants

More stringent laws and regulations in the field of sustainability and a growing social call to do more in this area, make it all the more important to keep track of both legislation and covenants.

To what extent are you complying with the covenants you have signed? And how do these agreements relate to the legal obligations in the field of sustainability? In what aspects are they similar, and where do they differ? Finding this balance can be quite a challenge. Charco & Dique will be happy to help you gain insight into the extent to which you are actually complying with the covenants, and to close any identified gaps.

What we can do for you

Our specialists closely follow the developments in both sustainability legislation and voluntarily signed covenants, and have experience in implementing them. They can support you with, among other things:

  • Advising on covenants (e.g. scope and interpretation issues, strategic choices with regard to joining covenants);
  • Performing gap analyses in the field of sustainability, both for legislation and regulations and for voluntarily signed covenants;
  • Identifying, prioritizing and/or executing implementation actions;
  • Performing quality assurance on implementation activities performed by your organization;
  • Assisting in the preparation of your non-financial reporting.

Charco & Dique did a great job helping us with the implementation of sustainability regulations. Initially we hired Charco & Dique just to make an impact analysis. But we were so satisfied with their work, that we asked them to do a follow-up implementation project as well. Our consultant is accessible, responds quickly and is pragmatic and knowledgeable.