As of 1 January 2020, Charco & Dique will start its own training institute. Under the name The Ministry of Compliance, a variety of trainings will be provided. Initially only online, but in the long term also through lectures and workshops.

Excellence is not a skill, its an attitude

Trainings are often too general in nature and do not always fit your daily practice. This does not only cause frustrations, but is also a waste of your time. The Ministry of Compliance offers trainings that match and complement your everyday practice. Fun courses, consisting of interesting teaching material presented in an attractive online environment. In our opinion, mandatory courses do not have to be boring.

Why The Ministry of Compliance?

With its new generation of FinTech tools, Charco & Dique provides you with a clear overview and insight in all the legislations and regulations applicable to your situation. On top of that, we regularly offer trainings in which we focus on the implementation of these specific legislations and regulations. In the Ministry of Compliance, this knowledge of laws and regulations is complemented with the practical expertise of (external) experts. This way, we create trainings that are relevant to its participants.

For financial enterprises, it is possible to focus on your daily practice, by incorporating company specific content.

DSI certification

As a financial professional, you can register yourself with the DSI foundation for certification. The Ministry of Compliance offers online courses for the DSI-registers Treasury, Institutional and Investing. These courses are mandatory if you wish to retain your DSI certification.

Who is The Ministry of Compliance for?

The Ministry of Compliance focuses on employees of financial enterprises.

Extended offering in 2020

In 2020, the offering of The Ministry of Compliance will be extended. Among others with Privacy related trainings and trainings in the field of Wwft (Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act). These trainings are a good match with everyday practice, and are based on cases financial institutions encounter on a daily basis. Here too, the focus lies on obligatory subjects, since you are required by the legislator to be knowledgeable on these subjects. This way, The Ministry of Compliance can offer clear added value.

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For more information you can also visit the Ministry of Compliance website.