Recovery Program

Past activities are a future risk

Charco & Dique is specialized in maintaining and restoring the regulator’s confidence

Unfortunately, past performance isn’t indicative of future results. Everyone knows this by now. However, for you as a director of a financial enterprise, past performance can even erode the regulator’s confidence. Not just confidence in the enterprise, but also in you personally. Charco & Dique’s specialists help you maintain confidence and, if needed, restore it as well.

The regulator may ask financial enterprises to sort out processes in short order or to recuperate previously performed activities.

Your processes may be declared incompliant with legislation and regulation by the regulator based on queries in the sector. These queries can be performed based on file checks, but can also be carried out during investigations into integration or selling of parts of the company. Speedy and complete recovery is expected.

The underlying problems may be very diverse; from interest rate derivatives to investment policies, recovery advice and recuperation of Customer Due Diligence files. The key to solving these problems is knowledge of your activities and products, experience with the different dynamics of the regulator, and heavy-duty project management.

Not meeting the demands of the regulator may result in sanctions against your business and yourself.

What can Charco & Dique’s specialists do?

Charco & Dique has ample experience in supporting businesses in similar situations. We do this by:

  •  Providing a ‘second opinion’, verifying the facts and legal qualifications of the regulator
  • Performing a Diagnosis or Quick Scan
  • Carrying out your project management; we have broad experience in successfully assisting companies with smaller and large projects
  • Consulting with the regulator, together or on behalf of you
  •  Supplying experts for use in your own project

Better safe

In addition, we have experience in preventing these problems. We’re able to help you prevent them by performing a (Quick) Reputational Scan. This scan reveals possible ‘dormant’ issues and allows you to act proactively. It also identifies problems arising from residual debt of interest-only mortgages.

In the context of “better safe than sorry” we also provide assistance with intentions of regulators, such as imposing a fine or other supervisory measures. We help you with the defense and/or determining what actions need to be taken to solve the issues and by doing so prevent or limit the measure. On top of that, we also help you comply with instructions of the regulator.

Why Charco & Dique?

  • We understand that the process and relevant legal framework go hand in hand
  • We did this before, successfully
  • We work in a small team, but are able to scale up if needed
  • We deliver the right results
  • We prevent surprises by detecting ‘dormant’ issues in your products, processes and services

And last, but definitely not least: we know how the regulator thinks and acts. Roughly half of our advisors has previously worked with a regulator. This translates to good (informal) connections and a familiarity with the dynamics of regulators. So we know the agenda of the regulator, and they know us and how we work.

Want to know more?

At Charco & Dique, we not only have detailed knowledge of the ever-changing financial laws and regulations, we also have the experience to support our clients in their application like no other. Sometimes strategic, sometimes pragmatic, but always sustainable and forward-looking. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us.