Proud partner of Tjommie

Creating opportunities for vulnerable children in South Africa’s townships

Tjommie is a small charity with a big impact. Tjommie creates opportunities for children growing up in South African townships. Through sustainable projects, the organization provides them with the primary necessities of life such as water, food and protection. But they also offer talent development and social-emotional support through sports and cultural activities. This is how Tjommie makes the difference between a life in despair and a life full of possibilities.

Why Tjommie?

Charco & Dique strives to make complicated matters simpler. We work in a pragmatic way, offering quick results. Like Charco & Dique, Tjommie is a small organization with short communication lines. With a compact but dedicated team, they maintain close ties with their local partner organization (Ndlovu Care Group) in South Africa.

The organization has deep roots within the local community. That means: quick actions and transparent projects with visible impact. As a result, we can be sure that our donations will go directly to the children’s projects in the townships.

Tjommie stands for:

  • direct lines of communication with a reliable partner organization in South Africa;
  • long term aid with an integral poverty approach; and
  • an enthusiastic and involved group of supporters, who are committed to giving opportunities to children in hopeless situations.

What will we be doing?

As a committed partner, Charco & Dique enters into a long-term relationship with Tjommie. From now on, we will include Tjommie in everything we do. On the one hand, we will support Tjommie’s projects financially through donations. For example, we are kicking off the partnership with a contribution to Tjommie’s ‘Corona support campaign’. On the other hand, we will use our network for the benefit of Tjommie, for example by organizing sponsoring campaigns. Finally, we will use our knowledge to help Tjommie with e.g. optimizing the website and drawing up the annual report. We will keep you informed of these actions through our newsletter and social media.

How can you help?

Tjommie makes social entrepreneurship tangible, by linking your objectives to a concrete project. Would you like to make a positive contribution to the opportunities for vulnerable children in South Africa, just like Charco & Dique?

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