Personal details
Personal details

Ward Smets

+31 (0)20 416 54 03

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Ward Smets

One of my new focus areas is prudential regulation, including the CRR, CRD and IFD. In addition, I support Charco & Dique’s consultants and compliance officers and, as a member of Ruler’s editorial team, I am involved in the ongoing development of our compliance software. I have a broad interest and therefore have no problem stepping outside my field of expertise as a lawyer.

Work experience

2022-present Charco & Dique Consultant
2021-2022 Charco & Dique Trainee
2018-2019 Tweede Kamer (House of Representatives) Policital internship

Education & courses

2019-2022 Radboud University Nijmegen Dutch Law
2015-2017 University of Antwerp Rehabilitation Sciences and Kinesitherapy
2011-2014 Radboud University Nijmegen Dutch Law
2009 As a consultant at Charco & Dique, I help financial institutions understand the laws and regulations that apply to them. Cambridge Advanced English