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Personal details

Rhodé Betting

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Banking beleggingsondernemingen Compliance Financial supervision law investment firms Investment funds investment institutions Licensing and control Payment institutions PSD II Ruler

My strength lies in translating complex legal dilemmas into practical solutions.

I bring structure to change and implementation projects and make them comprehensible and manageable. I think along with my clients in a proactive manner and advise them on how to implement new laws and regulations in the most efficient way possible. Risk based prioritizing is key to my approach. By keeping my expert knowledge up-to-date and closely following relevant innovative technological developments, my recommendations remain future proof. I optimize organizations and look for a sustainable balance between operating within the legal framework and the company’s risk appetite and culture. Ethics and pragmatism always play an important role in this. I provide clients with honest, strategic advice and approach challenges from a helicopter view, without losing sight of any details. I do all of this by quickly shifting between different layers and disciplines within the organization, combined with a fair amount of decisiveness.

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Work experience

2016-heden Charco & Dique

Education & courses

2017-2018 Nederlands Compliance Instituut
2015-2016 University of Twente
2015-2016 University of Twente